Fast-Reg may be interested in buying your registration plate directly from you or selling on your behalf

Name your price

Complete the form below with your asking price and after completing our Fast-Reg checks, we will list your plate on our store.

We Handle It

Our service will advertise the registration and handle any dealings with your potential new buyer.

Best of Both Worlds

You get to keep the registration until we get the deal that you are happy with, and it doesn't cost you anything for us advertise it.


How Do I Sell my Plate?

Fast-Reg provide a free selling service. Please visit our ‘sell’ page, fill out our form with details about your plate, the price you would like for the sale of your plate and your contact details. Upon completing our Fast-reg checks, our service will be to advertise your registration and to handle any dealings with your potential new buyer. When an agreement has been made to sell your plate, our administration fees are paid by the buyer. We will confirm the sale in writing via email or post which will confirm all the details of the agreed sale. Once the buyer has paid for the plate and the transfer has taken place, we will process your payment. All we require, is that you keep us updated regarding any changes to your details, asking price or if the plate is no longer available for sale.

How long will it take to sell my plate?

Fast-Reg believe that the key to selling your plate quickly is to get the asking price right. When submitting your asking price please be realistic with the expectation and value of your plate. Fast-Reg will advertise and market your registration plate to prospective buyers. Your plate will be advertised on our website with the potential of thousands of viewers and keen number plate purchasers being able to view your plate. Due to private plates being such a personalised purchase, we can’t give you an exact timescale or date of sale. However, we can assure you that we will do our best to advertise and sell your plate. Please note, at times, buyers will make offers on plates, we will contact you directly only when sensible offers are made. Ultimately, it will come down to you to either accept or decline offers made on your registration plate.

Where will my plate be advertised?

Fast-Reg will advertise your registration plate on their website and occasionally on their social media platforms such as instagram, google, facebook and twitter.

What documentation will I need to supply?

DVLA certificate or V5C log book. You will also have to supply us with written confirmation of where you wish to receive the funds upon completion.

How will I receive money for my plate sold?

BACS transfer or a cheque

How long will my plate be advertised for?

Fast-Reg will advertise your registration plate for 3 months. After 3 months, you will be contacted by the admin team to update the status of you plate. If we do not hear back from you, your plate will no longer be advertised after 3 months.

What do I need to do if my plate is no longer available or I don’t want to sell it anymore?

If your registration plate has sold, no longer available or you’ve decided you no longer want to sell it - email our sales team directly at so that they can remove your registration plate from all of Fast-Reg’s advertising platforms.

Do I have to provide the physical plates when my plate is sold?

No, you will not have to provide any physical plates. All we will need from you is your

Can I sell more than one plate at a time?

Yes, please fill out as many forms as necessary.

Can I sell my plate directly to the DVLA?

No, the DVLA only sell unissued registration plates.

Will Fast-Reg buy the plate straight away from me?

Occasionally - if your plate is of interest for us to add to our stock list we will contact you directly once you have submitted your request for us to sell your plate.

How much is my cherished number plate worth?

We encourage you to analyse and compare the age and availability of your plate, the popularity of the name or initials represented, the desirability of the numbers (e.g lower numbers, higher the value). Search for similar plates on our site and get an idea of what they sell for. If you need any assistance is valuing your plate, email who will be happy to help.

Why can I trust selling my plate through Fast-Reg?

At Fast-Reg we will only collect necessary information and will never pass your personal information on to a third party company. Fast-Reg use a secure and advanced payment system through Stripe payments which are certified to the highest compliance standards. (https:// At Fast-Reg we believe in transparency; we encourage all our clients to leave honest and reliable feedback which are broadcasted on platforms such as Trustpilot and Facebook. We are also proud members of MIRAD (Members of the Institute of Registration Agents and Dealers). This is our trade governing body and protects your purchase of Personalised, Private and Cherished car number plates through us. Fast-Reg are officially registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA RNPS Supplier Number: 55942) to supply number plates for vehicles registered in the UK and Norther Ireland.